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Training & Placements

Training & Placements

Planet Academy students are the glittering stars of the digital world. We are placed in top positions around the world in almost every country and in almost every top brand in information technology. In a placement interview Digiterati students stand out as they are able to demonstrate superb IT skills in comparison to others who only know but cannot do. The IT skills learnt practically at Planet Academy  are in demand in the job market in all sectors of the economy and in every part of the world.

Planet Academy students can be found in USA UK Germany Australia France Dubai Singapore China contributing as highly valuable resources. Equally they can be found at Microsoft IBM Oracle Cisco Google Accenture Facebook Motorola Amazon making a difference with their sharp IT skills. Placement has never been a problem for students of Planet Academy . They do not chase jobs, but jobs chase them.

Planet Academy students rarely get interviewed with theoretical questions. They prove their skills in practicums and troubleshooting scenarios making it easy for the placement officers to separate the milk from water.  The IT  of India look up to Planet Academy for the latest skills in Information Technology training and find Planet Academy an easy place for placement. In fact, it is a very difficult task to find an unemployed . For the students of Planet Academy  growth and career are more important than placement as their skills get them easy placement.

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